Getting the Most from Apple Products

Written on August 20, 2012 at 1:29 pm, by admin

How to make Lion more like Snow Leopard | MacworldWith the upcoming release of a new version of Windows, many people are taking a firm look at the computing world. Quite a few people who’ve been on the fence about Apple products are making the decision to give it a shot. However, what they often lack are tips and tricks to help them migrate to the platform. Apple products are both powerful and user friendly. However, much of the functionality can be hidden at first.

One of the biggest things that a new user needs to understand is the System Preferences panel. If someone is used to Windows, this is similar to the Windows Control Panel. The user can find System Preferences under either Apple’s desktop operating systems, or their mobile devices. While the layout will be different depending on the device, the general nature of it remains the same. A user will go there and be able to customize their experience with the operating system. Everything from font choice to networking options can be changed or added within the System Preferences.

Next, one needs to understand the nature of Apple’s integration. Read more


The New IPad is Very Capable

Written on August 20, 2012 at 1:28 pm, by admin

The New iPad is the latest tablet to come from Apple. Many who have held out on purchasing a tablet might find that the time is now to purchase their very own tablet. Apple claims that the iPad is “Resolutionary,” meaning that it is revolutionary when it comes to the visual aspect of the tablet.

The brilliant new tablet allows users to manipulate photos and read books, just like its predecessor. However, the improvements are in the display, the camera and the connection to the internet. This third generation iPad is modified so that reading eBooks feels like reading books. The pixelation is eliminated through the 2048 by 1536 resolution. The tablet also features a better color saturation. In terms of pixels, it features 3.1 million pixels. Read more